Mamta is a local professional artist, an educator and an art historian who believes in equality for all. A Master’s degree in History of Art, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & Education has provided her with an academic comprehension, and the ability to develop her expressions as a Citizen Artist. As a supporter of equitable access and an artist with international exhibits, her works are in an eclectic collection.

Mamta’s art style is influenced by her exposure to a variety of cultures, her travels and the bonds she has forged with people. She states: “The essence of unconditional love in my artistic expressions is influenced by love of our world and most treasured by people who value and support my creativity. I celebrate the human spirit and the transient nature of our presence through my art. My art works take a myriad of forms sketched with love, created with happiness and colored with heart. It fills its environment with peace. Each stroke is rendered with intention of care, and each piece is an original hand painted art work. The purpose of these pursuits is to rejuvenate and bring you warmth. Thank you to the people who supported my UNICEF Exhibit for Pandemic relief, and most recently – Chester County Studio Tour. It would be my honor to walk with you on this journey.”

Mamta works with mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings, collage, murals and organic clay jewelry painted with vegetable dyes. Artwork is presented with professional grade paints and canvases to maintain archival quality. Some works are unique Gallery pieces; others are part of a series.

Mamta welcomes commissioned projects and customized artwork and looks forward to an opportunity to create art for you that you seek. Mamta will donate 10% of her proceeds to charity. Please enjoy and we appreciate your sustaining the art world.